Listed: The 5 bleakest game worlds this generation

Miserablists unite!

Remember when playing a video game meant collecting coins, squashing cute monsters and rescuing hapless royalty? We do, vaguely. It's but a distant memory though, obscured by (mostly brown) visions of blight and destitution.


It's true that misery is at the heart of many modern video games. War, apocalypse, dystopias, angry robots and nuclear fallout tends to dominate the landscape. Many serve to prop up a heroic narrative in which you, the hero, prevail against the odds. Many bring to life a way of seeing the world we (hopefully) will never see ourselves.

Still, some games can be a real drag sometimes. That's perfectly fine though, because if they weren't capable of instilling a sense of dread occasionally they'd be failures. To celebrate everything convincingly miserable in games, we've put together a short list of this generation's bleakest game worlds.

When you've checked out our list, let us know what your picks are.

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