iPhone 5 rumour round-up: Bigger screen, faster processor?

Apple set to show off new iPhone next week, but what will it feature?

Apple has started sending out press invites for what's believed to be an iPhone 5 reveal on September 12.


As usual, Apple's invite doesn't specifically state what the event is for, but the big '12' (representing the date) is shadowed by the number '5', and since everyone's expecting the 'No. 5' numbered iPhone announcement, it's looking fairly obvious.

The event will be hosted at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts at 10am Pacific/6pm UK time on September 12. It has been speculated that the iPhone 5 release date will be later this month.

Apple fans can expect swish slides, plenty of whooping and the customary Twitter meltdown. If rumours and leaks are to be believed, you can also be sure of these announcements...

IPhone 5 rumoured features

Officially Apple's keeping quiet on its plans for the next iPhone, but as one of the most leak-prone companies in the world (and lover of leaving prototypes in the pub) we already know a fair deal about what iPhone 5 should offer.


What's looking likely to be the biggest addition to the new handset is a design first for Apple; an increase in screen size from 3.5 inches to a larger 4-inch display. According to reports, this means iPhone 5 will be slightly taller than its predecessors, though the extra half-inch will also accommodate proper 16:9 gaming and video.

Supposed iPhone 5 images emerged online in late May, suggesting the device will feature a metal unibody design similar to Apple's notebooks.

Also on the leak list is the customary improved camera, a more slender frame and a smaller dock connector. Less clear but also rumoured is NFC support and a beefier, possibly quad-core processor which would obviously have big ramifications for iOS gaming.

According to our colleagues at Tech Radar, iPhone 5 will also usher in the latest version of Apple's operating system, iOS 6, which will include improvements such as updated Phone, Siri, Map and Safari apps, built-in Facebook support and more.

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CVG and Tech Radar will be reporting from Apple's press conference next week as it happens. Could another Epic Games-style product announcement be on the cards? We'd bet actual money on it.