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The 5 best Martial Arts Games

High kicking, martial arts action from our essential selection

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Jade Empire

How do you follow up one of the most acclaimed single player RPGs ever in Knights of the Old Republic? Simple, don't follow it up with a direct sequel, but create a brave new world and explore a whole new direction.

Jade Empire was BioWare's foray into the world of Chinese Wushu and featured a deep, believable world full of amazing stories, compelling NPCs and most importantly of all, high-kicking martial arts action.

Impressive visuals; a beautifully realised world; diverse fighting styles; and ancient Chinese magic, Jade Empire had it all. It truly is one of the Xbox's forgotten classics, check out our full Jade Empire review for more details.

Excitingly the world may not have seen the last of Jade Empire and hope springs eternal for a remake. Last year BioWare boss Ray Muzyka admitted last year the company were still passionate about Jade Empire. Surely a PS4 or Xbox 720 sequel would sell by the gazillion?

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