The 5 best Martial Arts Games

High kicking, martial arts action from our essential selection

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Street Fighter (series)

Of all the many fighting game series to step into the martial arts ring across the years, Capcom's splendid Street Fighter series is probably the most enduring, and the one that comes closest to our definition of a pure martial arts brawler.

Featuring a host of colourful characters, some astounding signature moves and a huge amount of depth in its fighting systems, it's a bone fide classic in every sense of the word.

It's a measure of its success that Street Fighter has appeared in arcades and on virtually every single gaming platform there's ever been since it debuted in 1987 (CVG lists 42 different Street Fighter titles in our database alone) and the series is now celebrating its 25th anniversary in 2012, having racked up over a billion dollars in revenue.

It's become the game of choice for serious tournament fighting fans and it's probably most fitting we conclude the verdict of our Street Fighter IV 9.5 review "The best, only better. SF IV is still the essential scrapper. One Word: awesome."

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