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The 5 best Martial Arts Games

High kicking, martial arts action from our essential selection

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Jackie Chan Stuntmaster
This much underrated PlayStation classic was made by Radical Entertainment, published by Midway and first took its bow in 2000. The second in our top five breakdown to feature a real-life martial arts master as its cover star in Jackie Chan. Stuntmaster's simple, rather cartoonish looks belied an extremely fun 3D beat 'em-up with authentic combat and a ton of signature martial arts moves.

No small wonder since Chinese Kung Fu expert and superb movie-fight choreographer Jackie Chan was involved at every stage, recording motion capture for the game, doing the voice-overs and performing the same stunts as you see on the big screen.

Players completing the 15 3D New York levels of Stuntmaster and rescuing Chan's grandfather (the object of the game) were rewarded with a movie showing off the Jackie Chan's motion capture sessions and his Making Of commentary.

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