Professor Layton headed to smartphones in new London adventure

Level-5 working on new social game take on Layton series, reports Famitsu

The Professor Layton series will make its debut on iOS and Android with 'Professor Layton and the Century of the Seven Phantom Thieves', reports Japan's Famitsu.


According to Siliconera, the report details a new plot that sets players the task of tracking down thieves galavanting around the streets of London.

The new game will reportedly pack a new emphasis on social play - players will be able to co-operate in their 'battle' against the thieves, although its unclear exactly how this will work.

You will take control of a self-created avatar instead of Layton himself, and will earn rewards for your successes as you play. A

Siliconera suggests that avatar items could be among the rewards earned, supported by a freemium business model that offers additional items at a small fee, although it seems like pure speculation at this point.

Century of the Seven Phantom Thieves sounds utterly unrelated to Layton Brothers: Mystery Room - a spin off title announced for iOS last year and seemingly MIA ever since.

Expect an announcement at TGS, taking place on September 20-23.