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Awesome Remember Me video serves up 10 minutes of action

And looks a lot like Uncharted in the process

Capcom's fired off this sweet 10-minute gameplay video of Remember Me, its new action game revealed at Gamescom last month.


Unlike the previous seven-minute gameplay video released, which showed protagonist Nilin sneaking quietly towards her target before messing with his brain, this one goes for balls-out action with Nilin racing to escape bullets of an attacking airship.

It looks amazing, and the platforming gameplay resembles Uncharted at points (especially the helicopter chase scene in Uncharted 2).

According to Capcom, the game's a futuristic action title set in Neo-Paris in the year 2084. Gameplay focuses on the buying and selling of memories and features a mix of melee combat and Uncharted-esque platforming. Find more Remember Me details through here.

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