Need for Speed Most Wanted's Kinect support offers 'mods on the fly'

Tell your car to be better and it will listen

Sometimes we hear about a feature in a game and we wish it were true in real life. This is one of those times.


Having previously teased Kinect support, Criterion has finally detailed what Kinect support will offer to Need for Speed Most Wanted players, and it's all about modding your car while on the move.

Instead of having to pause or pull over and navigate menus to add upgrades to your car, Kinect voice recognition will allow you to do it on the fly.

"For example, while you're in your SVT Raptor, you can say 'Mods, Nitrous, Burn Nitrous' and your car will instantly be equipped with an extra boost that you need," explains Criterion.

"Need some slicks for the asphalt? Easy: 'Mods, Tires, Slicks' and off you go," it adds.

So it's not ground-breaking stuff but it sounds pretty neat - if you can memorise all the commands and get it to work while bolting from police at 160mph.

And it'd be even cooler if Criterion could nip over and fit this feature to our real cars. Cheers.

Criterion has confirmed an October 30 release date for Need for Speed: Most Wanted.