Trials Evolution Origin of Pain: Hands-on videos with the new DLC

Watch us tackle six new tropical island tracks on the BMX bike

Trials Evolution is one of the best-selling XBLA games of all time, and rightly so. If you've nailed all 50 of the original's single-player tracks, the new Origin of Pain DLC adds 36 new ones, set on a huge tropical island.

It also adds a new bike: the BMX. The controls are the same as the regular bikes, but the physics are notably different. The bicycle is much lighter, and can flip over with even the slightest shift in gravity. Some of the tracks on Paine Island are designed specifically for the strengths, and weaknesses, of the BMX, but you can use it on any of them.

Make your mark

The track editor has also been greatly expanded. There are over 100 new 'bits' for your creations, some of which have been created in direct response to community demands/suggestions. So if you're a hardcore Trials creator, there's an extra incentive to buy the DLC for a relatively cheap 400 Microsoft Points sometime in autumn. We had a chance to play six new tracks at Ubisoft's recent Digital Days event in Paris, and you can watch our efforts below.

Yes, we know Carnival of Rust took us 27 tries, but we were playing standing up in a hot, crowded room full of other journalists and trying to listen to the developers talk about the game at the same time. Otherwise we would have done it first time. Probably.

Flow Like Water

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Jet Lag

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Carnival of Rust

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Buccaneer Bay

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Cauldron Trail

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East Pasila

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