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Monster Hunter 4 "suprising information" to come at TGS

What is Capcom planning?

Capcom is teasing that surprising Monster Hunter 4 information will be announced at the Tokyo Game Show this year.

Monster Hunter 4 goodie bag

There will be hands on time with Monster Hunter 4 at the Tokyo Game Show, but Capcom is also teasing an announcement for new information.

Specific details regarding the announcement have not been revealed, but it will take place during the game's stage event, where the developers will showcase the new control system and actions.

While a lot of people may be expecting the announcement to be a port for the PS Vita, Andriasang is confident that the "announcement is not going to be that."

The demo available at TGS will feature battles against three different monsters, as well as allowing players to experience the new ruins area, and the "Controllable Insect Bow" weapon.

Along with gameplay and a surprise announcement, Capcom will be handing out a special Monster Hunter 4 bag, complete with booklet and other goodies.

Speculation time. What do you think the surprise announcement will be?