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Golden Joysticks 2012: The nominees for Best Handheld Game...

Uncharted? Icarus? Wipeout? We turn to the portables.

The HMV sponsored GamesMaster Golden Joystick Awards have arrived, and you're all invited to vote and win prizes here! Each week we'll be casting a beady eye over different categories, taking you through the prime contenders before leaving you savvy lot to duke it out in the comments section. This time around, we're talking handhelds.

Wow - what a year it's been for portable gaming. Despite the naysayers, 3DS continues to pump out stellar titles (Icarus, Resi) while Vita's launch has seen some of Sony's most seminal franchises (Uncharted, Wipeout) dazzle on the move. This promises to be one of the most competitive cats of them all...

As per, our GJ editorial team has bashed brains, VO-stylee, to chat nominees. Then, it's onto the contenders themselves - rated one-by-one...

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Gravity Rush

Arguably Vita's killer app, the emancipatory sense of 'flight' delivered by Gravity Rush is one of those killer mechanisms you only experience a couple of times each generation. A delight.
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Super Mario 3D Land

An innovative slice of 3D gaming that plays remarkably like the Mario classics of olde... only Shiggsy could pull that off. Bonus: the adorable Tanooki Suit finally returns. Bada Bing!
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Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance

Sora and Riku hook back up with their Disney 'toon pals and spiral into another adventure, which saw the 'Command Deck' mechanic return with a bang. Dreamy visuals and cutesy appeal galore.
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Mario Kart 7

Can you have too much of a good racing thang? Nah. Petrolheads Mario, Peach and Toad are back in a racing reverie that pushes the Kart formula to soaring new heights.
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