Creature comforts: Black Mesa Source screens

It was amazing to read the reactions when the mod team building Black Mesa Source finally issued a release date for the Half-Life reboot. There was more confusion than jubilation. Is it coming out? Is it really? Is this some joke?

No, this is genuine: The Black Mesa Source release date is September 14th. Friday.

Ahead of the release, here's a string of screenshots framing the game's newly modelled alien creatures.

Let's begin with the Gargantua. With its super-enlarged frame, standard evil grin and the impractical benefit of having guns for arms, the Gargantua seems to be at odds with Valve's design policy. As explained in our Strider piece, Valve tends to design creatures with its origins in mind, as opposed to thinking along the lines of 'what would be the hardest motherfucking alien ever'.

Anyway, the rebooted version - shown here paining the town in neon - looks brutal.

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