High Voltage teases new Conduit news

Representative says studio is "doing great"

High Voltage Software, developer of The Conduit and its sequel for the Wii, has said it will be breaking its silence on the next installment in the franchise later this year.


Posting in response to a fan question on the GameFAQs message boards, a representative said the studio was in good health and is close to completing "several" projects, including Zone of the Enders HD Collection for Konami.

"We're doing great; thanks for asking! It's been an ongoing process of transformation for us. We're upgrading our software and hardware. More and more of us are moving to Windows 7 rigs with solid state drives, and our artists are enjoying newer versions of Autodesk and Adobe products. We're putting a fresh coat of paint on things, literally, by repainting and re-carpeting the building's interior.

"We have several projects very near completion, which we've been wrapping up and sending to our publishing partners for submission. Zone of the Enders: HD Collection has been a big one for us this year."

The spokesperson ended the post by hinting new Conduit news would be released imminently.

"We haven't forgotten about Conduit over here, either. I would expect some new Conduit-related news before the year is out."

Last year High Voltage boss Eric Nofsinger said the studio is converting the Conduit 2 engine to work on Nintendo's latest handheld, suggesting the next Conduit may be a 3DS title.