Zynga torment continues as two more execs quit

Allan Leinwand and Jeff Karp depart as stock slumps further

Embattled social games firm Zynga has lost another two key members of its executive circle, adding to a dreadful three months for the company.


Chief marketing and revenue officer Jeff Karp has left the company after a year on the job. Before joining Zynga he was the executive at the centre of EA's social games output.

Infrastructure CTO Allan Leinwand, meanwhile, has also departed after a two-year spell.

The reasons for their departures are not clear, but they add to a striking list of executives no longer with the company.

Recent departures include second-in-command John Schappert along with chief creative officer Mike Verdu vice presidents Bill Mooney and Brian Birtwistle, along with several others.

Zynga's share price, which opened in December at $10, closed at $2.82 last night.

Amidst its share price woes, the firm's troubles aren't helped by a publically damning plagiarism lawsuit from EA, and the reportedly multiple law firms investigating allegations that Zynga insiders - who allegedly sold large amounts of stock just months before their value bombed - withheld "materially adverse facts" about the state of the business.

Zynga's share price currently sits at around $2.82 per share. The company launched its IPO in December 2011 at $10 per share.