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Kinect allows stroke victim to send email

Son hacks a Kinect to help his mum send her first email in 12 years

When we hear about hacking systems or consoles, it's usually connected with piracy, but Chad Ruble's story is slightly different: he hacked a Kinect to help his mum send her first email in 12 years.


Chad Ruble's mother suffered from a stroke 12 years ago, which left her suffering with aphasia, an impairment of language ability.

Due to aphasia, she is unable to use a keyboard and type out emails like you or I. Her son Chad Ruble hacked a Kinect sensor, and used the SimpleOpenNI library for Processing, to allow his mum to send an email without the use of a keyboard.

Ruble explains in a blog post that "someone else has to launch the program for her, so we're not quite there yet in terms of totally independent messaging. But this was a fun start."

You can watch the happy moment below.

[ SOURCE: Make ]