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Darksiders 2 wins NPD sales war against Sleeping Dogs

Sleeping Dogs: 172K sold, Darksiders 2: 247K

Sleeping Dogs and Darksiders 2 both launched in the US on August 14. The cut off for NPD's August period was August 25, and in those two weeks Sleeping Dogs sold 172,000 copies, while Darksiders 2 came out on top with a whopping 247,000 copies.


Darksiders 2 managed to sell 247,000 copies during its first two weeks on sale in the US, and NPD has now revealed to Joystiq, the sales figures for Sleeping Dogs.

Across PS3 and Xbox 360, Sleeping Dogs managed to sell 172,000 copies during its first two weeks on sale in August. The Darksiders 2 figures may appear greater than Sleeping Dogs, but they also include PC sales.

PC sales for Sleeping Dogs were unable to be counted, as it is only available digitally in the US.

So, who is the real winner?