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Watch: The Wire as an 8-bit video game

"It's all in the game"

Game adaptations of film and TV shows aren't always successful, but we're willing to bet that if someone made an 8-bit RPG based on HBO's The Wire, it'd be pretty awesome indeed.


And before you say we're drawing a long bow, here's evidence thanks to CollegeHumor. Staying faithful to the original series (so true that season 2 is dismissed as superfluous, and the game doesn't let you play as Ziggy because really... who would?), this video game mock-up of The Wire is too good to be true. So good in fact that it is indeed, not true.

Someone needs to Kickstart this, though it really doesn't seem very fair, and probably wouldn't be much fun. McNulty doesn't stand a chance. But that's the game, right?