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Sony poised to reveal 3D augmented reality headset

New video flaunts "the future of entertainment"; Device set for Tokyo Game show

Sony is set to showcase a new head mounted display at the Tokyo Game Show on September 22, a video on its official YouTube account has revealed.

The video, which is accompanied by Japanese text, mentions "the future of entertainment" and "360 degree immersive sensation."

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The device appears to be a reworked version of Sony's HMZ 3D headset, which was released last year and costs about £500. The new version features a front-facing camera to capture footage that the device can overlay with an AR image.


Here's a rough translation of the video description, according to a NeoGAF post:

People, how far immersive?
It experiments explore the possibility of new entertainment
"Institute immersive pleasure HMZ" head mounted display
Has been developed for the open experiment, models with head tracking system / live camera
Tokyo Game Show head-mounted display "PROTOTYPE-SR" Limited 2012 Specifications
※ jointly developed with RIKEN team Fujii
New 360 degree immersive entertainment sensation
World of the music of the movie world flew in to the real world

Experiments conducted public 9/22, 23
(Deadline September 13, 2012) in recruiting an experience

You will witness the future of entertainment

Head mounted display experiments are becoming increasingly popular in the gaming R&D scene, with Valve, id Software and the impressive Oculus Rift all working on experiments.