Arma developers arrested on spying charges

Pair found in possession of videos and photos of Greek military installations

Two Czech employees of Arma studio Bohemia Interactive have been arrested and accused of spying on the Greek Island of Lemnos.


The pair said they were collecting reference material for Arma 3, which will be set in the area, and were found to be in possession of videos and photos of military installations, News 247 reports.

The story has since been confirmed by Bohemia Interactive CEO and co-founder of Marek Spanel.

He said on the studio's forums: "This is true. We prefer this topic not to be discussed on our forums atm, at least until we know more specific details about the case so I am going to close this topic and our moderators are going to close any related dicussion here, thank you for understanding."

Operation Flashpoint creator Bohemia announced Arma 3, the latest instalment in its acclaimed military simulator series, as a PC exclusive in May 2011.

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