Listed: the 5 strangest zombie games of all time

Because zombies are weird, and so are some games about them

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The Typing of the Dead (Dreamcast, Windows)

Somewhere in a Tokyo boardroom in the late '90s, SEGA publishing head honchos spent a tense all-nighter concocting an ominous plan to make "edutainment" appealing to people who hate learning. The result was The Typing of the Dead, a multi-platform masterpiece that required players to learn touch typing in order to fend off hordes of zombies. To video game publishers, zombies make everything fun, and in this case we'll begrudgingly acknowledge their logic because this was actually pretty cool. It even spawned an arcade version. So while this game isn't technically among the "dumbest" zombie games (it's meant to make you smarter), it's certainly strange.

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