Resistance dev: 'We have theories about why Resistance wasn't a Halo'

Insomniac on why Resistance never broke big time

Insomniac CEO Ted Price has spoken with Kotaku about why his studio's Sony exclusive never rivaled Halo at retail.


In a candid interview, Price said his studio suspects the series never performed as well as Halo due to changes made in Resistance 2.

"We have theories internally about why Resistance wasn't a Halo," he said. "One is that we changed the game a lot in Resistance 2, and we surprised players in a way that perhaps wasn't what was expected."

Price goes on to say that Insomniac is very proud of the series, Resistance 3 in particular, and that the studio didn't develop the Vita version because of a lack of resources.

The full story is over at Kotaku.

Despite poorer sales, do you think Resistance rivaled Halo? If not, why not?

[ SOURCE: Kotaku ]