Rihanna spotted in Hitman: Absolution clothing

Square Enix teamed up with UK exclusive clothing brand Trapstar for a Hitman: Absolution clothing range, which appears to be favoured by R&B singer Rihanna.


While Rihanna isn't under her umbrella, she is evidently strutting her stuff wearing the new Hitman: Absolution streetwear clothing.

She was spotted - by which we mean, most likely staged - in London wearing several items from the line of clothing, including a jumper with the iconic Hitman barcode.

Square Enix has boasted that Rihanna's "favourite" items will even be available to buy from Trapstar's store when the range launches November 20.

The use of Rihanna was most likely intended to lend a degree of "cool" to the brand, but is that important? We doubt many people will be rushing out to buy the game just because Rihanna wore a Hitman inspired jacket.