As the world awaits iPhone 5, Microsoft is 'panicking' to finish Windows Phone 8

Operating system could be delayed until November, report claims

Microsoft is rushing to finish core work on its upcoming Windows Phone 8 operating system, with the project threatening to fall far behind schedule, according to a new report.

The new Nokia Lumia 920

The software giant, which ideally would like the Windows Phone 8 launch to tie in with the release of its next PC operating system, is said to be "working overtime" to finish off the smartphone platform.

Tech website The Verge claims that Microsoft "had originally planned to launch Windows Phone 8 in early October, ahead of the launch of Windows 8. Microsoft is now targeting an October 29th software launch event with devices available throughout November, a slight delay to its original schedule".

The report claims that various unexpected issues during the QA phase have pushed back the OS' launch "by weeks".

A "final" version of Windows Phone 8 is expected to be signed off before Friday September 14th, but phone hardware firms have been instructed to avoid showing off the new operating system, the Verge claimed.

Suggestions of Microsoft's difficulties with its new operating system comes as the world awaits the iPhone 5 release date and iPhone 5 features that will be announced at the Apple press conference on Wednesday.