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iOS Game Center boasts '150 million players'

Apple calls iPod Touch "the world's most popular video game player"

Apple used its iPhone 5 conference today to talk about its achievements in gaming with iOS devices.


According to Apple, iOS's Xbox Live-like Game Center hub now has over 150 million players. That's quite a few, by the way. By comparison, in February this year Microsoft said it had an audience of more than 40 million Xbox Live subscribers.

Apple's Greg Joswick went on to call the iPod Touch "the world's most popular video game player" (thanks Engadget), before revealing the latest SKU, which apparently has "seven times faster" graphics than the old iPod Touch.

According to Joswick, there are over 175,000 "games and entertainment apps" on the App Store - admittedly many of which are little more than filler, but as our recent 'Best iPhone games' features have shown, there are plenty of gems to discover too.

For those interested, the new iPod Touch will don the same enhanced 4-inch retina screen as the newly-announced iPhone 5, and will come in two sizes, 32GB for $299 or 64GB for $399.