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Report finds video games may lead to dangerous driving

College study find correlation between games and risk-taking

According to research conducted by Dartmouth College in New Hampshire, youths exposed to violent video games are more likely to drive dangerously.


The research involved telephone interviews with over 5,000 teenage subjects over a four-year-period. Each was interviewed both before and after the subject had acquired a driver's license.

Interviews conducted after the subject acquired a license aimed to establish whether the subject was a risky driver, and according to the results, there is indeed a link between violent video game playing and dangerous driving.

While the research only acknowledges a relation between the two factors, researchers also claimed people who played violent video games were more likely to drink and drive.

The college's conclusion is that violent video games can affect a person's self-perception, thus leading to greater risk-taking. Lead author Jay Hull told The Daily Mail that "popular games that increase reckless driving may constitute even more of a public health issue than the widely touted association of video games and aggression."

[ SOURCE: LA Times ]