Nintendo to launch TVii - a new way to view television

Wii U service combines live TV with video streams and DVR access

Nintendo has drawn out a new battle strategy in its plan to dominate the living room.


The company has revealed Nintendo TVii - a new custom service for the Wii U console that provides access to a comprehensive level of TV services.

Nintendo said the service was a new way to find, watch and engage television.

There will be no monthly fee, and the service comes packaged for free in all editions of the console.

Users can access Netflix, Hulu Plus and Amazon TV streams, as well as live TV, and even access their Tivo player.

The Wii U tablet controller acts as a sophisticated TV remote, featuring personalised search, user profiling and second-screen services such as additional information on what the TV is displaying.

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Users can search for various programs and observe what other friends are watching.

Reggie Fils-Aime said the service was one of the most unique initiatives the company has ever undertaken.

TVii is certain to launch across the US. Not details on launch dates or pricing was given.

Nintendo of America today confirmed a Wii U release date of November 18. It also announced a Wii U price of $299 for the basic model and $349 for the premium one.

Nintendo of Europe has revealed a Wii U release date of November 30. The Wii U price will be set between £199 and £280 in the UK, according to retail outlets.