UK retail increases Wii U prices to £250 and £300

Initial cut-price offers deleted; GAME and GameStation opt for highest RRP on the market

After days of adjusting prices, the UK retail sector has settled on a final Wii U RRP in the lead up to the console's November 30th release.


Amazon initially offered the basic Wii U package for as little as £200 - with the trade price thought to be £205. GameStation, meanwhile, had previously sent a message on Twitter claiming it was selling the basic edition for £210 and the premium edition at £250.

However, both outlets have now amended their prices upwards and deleted previous promotional messages regarding the cut-price Wii U RRPs.

ShopTo initially offered the premium edition for £280, though is now selling the system for £300.

Specialist retailers GAME and GameStation now offer the most expensive Wii U packages in the UK.

The cheapest Wii U RRP is now thought to be available at Zavvi, starting at £230 and climbing to £275.

A full list of major retailer prices follows:

Zavvi £230 (basic), £275 (premium)
HMV £250 (basic), £300 (premium)
Tesco £250 (basic), £300 (premium)
Sainsbury's £250 (basic), £300 (premium)
Amazon £250 (basic), £300 (premium)
GameStop £300 (basic), £300 (premium)
Simply Games £250 (basic), £300 (premium) £260 (basic), £310 (premium)
GameStation £260 (basic), £310 (premium)
GAME £260 (basic), £310 (premium)

At a press event last week, Nintendo revealed that the next generation console will be split into two distinct SKUs, the main difference is that the basic model has an 8GB flash drive, and the premium model has a 32GB flash drive.

A free copy of NintendoLand will come packaged with the premium version of the console.

CVG recently spoke to five leading consultants and analysts in the games industry to examine which Wii U price Nintendo can afford to set, and the pressures that will determine the company's decisions.
The consensus between five analysts was that Nintendo must sell the console for less than $299 in the US, and preferably less than $249.