Around the network - mid September edition

All the best gaming and tech headlines from around the web

It's mid-September and we're on the cusp - the glorious heyday of the gaming season is about to break upon us like a wave upon a beach and we stand poised to receive. iPhone 5 and Wii U launch details have been all the rage this week, but our sleepless boys 'n girls have still been labouring to bring you all the finest games and tech headlines from around the web. Here's this week's gems.

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Resident Evil 6: 11 important changes that make it play unlike any Resident Evil you've seen before

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Nintendo Wii U guide: Everything you need to know

Smash Bros characters who need to be dropped for Wii U and 3DS

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New Fuse screens and info

Find the best PlayStation games for under £20

Official Xbox 360 magazine
Borderlands 2 Xbox 360 review - what do you want to know?
How Borderlands 2 fixes Borderlands 1's eight biggest problems


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iPad 4 release date, news and rumours

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The UK's first 4G smartphones revealed