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Original 2D Cave Story gets 3DS release next month

Nicalis reveals date for its revamped 2D game on the 3D handheld

Nicalis has confirmed that the original 2D Cave Story (i.e. not the Cave Story 3D remake) will arrive on 3DS eShop on October 4 for $9.99. With 3D effects. Confused? Let us explain...


The original Cave Story is a 2D game, with sprites and all that old-school stuff. It came out on WiiWare for Wii. Later, it arrived on DSi and Steam (for PC), the latter of which got a new title, Cave Story+, and a load of bonus content.

Nicalis then remade the entire game with 3D polygonal graphics for 3DS and called it Cave Story 3D. But what if you hate polygons and want to play the 2D original on your 3DS? You can by the DSi version via the eShop, but then it's once-gorgeous sprites look rubbish as the 3DS poorly upscales DSi games.

Nicalis decided to fix this by porting Cave Story+, the enhanced but still 2D version, to 3DS so those who don't like Polygons can enjoy the sprite-filled original on their 3DS. And since its native to 3DS, you'll also get layered 3D effects adding depth to the 2D visuals. Sweet.

So that's the deal. Oh, and the game's bloody brilliant, as this ONM review with a 91% score will tell you.

[ SOURCE: Joystiq ]