US retailers 'sell out' of Wii U Premium pre-orders

GameStop and Target have already reached allocation, according to reports

US retailer GameStop has indicated that it has reached its allocated pre-orders for the Wii U Deluxe model ('Premium' in Europe), according to reports.


A number of different GameStop stores told Polygon that the retailer's already reached its allocation for the pricer Wii U SKU company-wide, while another retailer Target has also stopped taking pre-orders for the model on its website.

According to one anonymous GameStop employee, reserves of the Deluxe edition were nearly half-full in the first few hours. The source did not indicate if GameStop will receive more Deluxe editions closer to launch.

Last week Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime claimed that early Wii U Wii U pre-orders were "extremely strong".

Nintendo confirmed a November Wii U release date for the US and Europe, with the US Wii U price set at $299 for the Basic model and $349 for the Premium one.

At UK retail the Wii U price currently lies at around £250 for the Basic unit and £290 to £300 for the Premium unit.