Bohemia two speak out from Greek prison

Duo make statement on conditions; Bohemia claims allegations are 'completely false'

The two imprisoned developers at Czech Republic studio Bohemia Interactive have spoken out for the first time since being detained by Greek police.


The developers, named for the first time as Ivan Buchta and Martin Pezlar, were arrested last week by Greek authorities on suspicion of espionage. The two were found by authorities near a Greek military base, according to reports.

It was suspected that Buchta and Pezlar were caught taking photos of a military instillation as part of some research on the ArmA 3 game. However, the studio claims that the two were on holiday in Greece and taking 'innocent' photographs.

"These employees - our friends, Ivan Buchta and Martin Pezlar - visited the island as tourists," said Bohemia Interactive spokesperson Ota Vrťátko.

"Their holiday was a product of their interest in the island, triggered by their work on ArmA 3 over the past two years of development."

He continued: "Having travelled to Greece and after meeting personally with them both, as well as their lawyer who is fully acquainted with the Greek authority's investigation file in detail, we can assure you that these insinuations are completely false and without substance.

"They took photographs and videos in public areas, as countless tourists arriving to enjoy the beauty and hospitality of Greece may well do.

"These included a short video as they drove through the main road passing around the international airport, where in one short part of the video off in the distance some hangars and other buildings of the complex can be seen."

Vrťátko insisted that the pair, due for preliminary court proceedings, did not enter any military area nor did they take any pictures of any military objects to be used in Arma 3.

In a statement from their cell, Buchta and Pezlar said the conditions "tough", but added: "The people we meet treat us fairly and correctly".

"It is all a completely absurd misunderstanding that will certainly be quickly explained. We mainly think of you, our families; you have to stay calm and not to worry about us. We hope we will meet soon."