Retailer promotion teases 'new PS3 console' - report

Slimmed down model said to be hitting stores later this month

More evidence appears to point to the introduction of a new PS3 model later this month.


According to Polygamia, the image to the right was featured in a recent promotional newsletter sent out by a Polish retailer.

Further rumours suggest Sony is planning to launch a new PS3 model offering 12GB of flash memory priced at €199, alongside a beefy 500GB PS3 costing €299.

Last week a German online retailer reportedly claimed on Facebook that a new PS3 model offering 12GB of flash memory will hit stores in October.

At the same time, Wedbush analyst Michael Analyst suggested "Sony is starving the channel" of existing PS3 models ahead of a new hardware introduction.

In July it emerged that Sony Computer Entertainment had submitted what appear to be plans for a new PS3 model to the Federal Communications Commission.