It's The Sun wot shunned it: Five reasons to embrace Wii U

Daily Digest: CVG provides a more positive analysis of Nintendo's new console to balance the bashing from tabloids

It was a blue Monday for Nintendo as British newspaper The Sun printed five suggestions why consumers shouldn't buy its upcoming Wii U console.

The reasons varied from the bizarre to the irrelevant, though the loud headline "Will you be picking up a Wii U? Here's five reasons not to" was acutely critical of the upcoming Nintendo system.

Nintendo has at times been hopeless at communicating the inherent appeal and properties of the Wii U - as CVG has observed - but to categorically instruct readers to not buy a new console - one built by the most experienced console maker in history, no less - is pushing things a bit far.

So below we're publishing five reasons to give Nintendo's Wii U a fighting chance:


1) Nintendo will finally embrace HD

Seven years behind schedule, Nintendo's first new steps into the world of high definition display will nevertheless be worth the wait. The Kyoto headquartered game maker has a majestic history of beautifully bright games that, sadly, have hitherto been trapped under the veil of standard definition outputs.

The Wii U can finally display Nintendo games in gorgeously clear 1080p - so don't be surprised if you are asked to eventually cough up for HD remakes of old classics. But amid all the expected HD bundles there will be a new Mario, bright as a button and sharp as a pin. Hard to resist.

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2) Wii U's revolution will be televised

The introduction of Nintendo's new TVii service is - for now - exclusive in the United States, but the Wii U clearly has incredible potential to be at the centre of the TV experience in all major regions.

The system can tune into live TV, as well as draw footage from various online TV streams, and even access the data on digital video recorder devices like Tivo.

With Nintendo being the first console maker to embrace digital TV channels such as the BBC iPlayer, it's highly likely that Nintendo will make its biggest attempt yet to be at the centre of living rooms with smart TV features that are valuable, social and - importantly - free of charge.

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