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There is still hope for Ace Attorney Investigations 2 Western release

It all hinges on Ace Attorney 5 sales

Ace Attorney 5 has been confirmed for a Western release, but many fans are still holding out for a local release of Ace Attorney Investigations 2.


Capcom's USA consumer software senior vice president Christian Svensson has shed light on the localisation of Ace Attorney Investigations 2 over at the Capcom Unity forum.

When one savvy fan asked whether the success of Ace Attorney 5 and the Ace Attorney iOS trilogy could help bring AAI2 to the Western world, Sven answered it "certainly can't hurt."

Sven told fans that "AAI2 isn't being held hostage so please don't read this that way but if they do well, they certainly can't hurt. Justification for higher forecasts via stronger than expected sales in the franchise would be helpful."

Sven goes on to say that "the forecasts for AA5 I've put in are aggressive (high) relative to the historical performance of the franchise (needed to make sure it came over), so I'm counting on you guys to not make me a liar."

So it seems if you want to see AAI2 localised you'll need to buy Ace Attorney 5, get your friends to buy it, get their friends to buy it, and then get their friends to buy get the idea.

[ SOURCE: Siliconera ]