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Team Ninja will announce new game at TGS

With Ninja Gaiden 3 out of the way, what's next?

Ninja Gaiden developer Team Ninja has confirmed that it will reveal a new game at Tokyo Game Show this week.


The studio will be keeping up an ongoing trend - having announced Dead or Alive 5 at last year's show - of rolling out a new title at the Tokyo event.

According to Destructoid translations, the developer said via Twitter today: "One more Tokyo Game Show connection. At last year's Tokyo Game Show, we showed off Dead or Alive 5 for the first time. So, at the same time this year ... we will announce a new project for a system."

Dead or Alive 5 and Ninja Gaiden 3 are the latest from the studio (with a much-enhanced Wii U version of the latter also on the way), and it seems unlikely that it would announce a sequel to either of those so soon. So what else could it be working on?

Place your bets below...