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Halo 4 pre-order treats announced for UK retailers

Helmets, armor skins, specialisations and emblems on offer

Microsoft has announced an assortment of UK retailer-specific pre-order bonuses for Halo 4.


GAME, HMV, Tesco, Amazon, Blockbuster, Play, Shop2Net and Grainger Games are all pitching in with their bids for your cash as Halo 4's November 6 launch fast approaches.

Here's what available from each outlet:

  • GAME: Downloadable Blue Circuit Armour Skin, Arctic Weapon Skin and 6 specialisations for use in Halo 4 "Infinity" Multiplayer experience
  • HMV: Downloadable Locus Helmet, Purple Spartan Warrior Armour and Xbox LIVE Unicom Avatar Armour (if ordered in-store)
  • Tesco: Halo 4 T-shirt and Downloadable Black Raptor Armour Skin
  • Amazon: Downloadable Gold Web Armour Skin, Bulletproof Emblem and Spartan Emblem
  • Blockbuster: Downloadable Xbox LIVE Spartan Warrior Avatar
  • Play: Downloadable Deadeye Helmet
  • Shop2net: Downloadable Assassin Emblem
  • Grainger Games: Downloadable Red Pulse Armour Skin

Microsoft has revealed the full contents of the Halo 4 Limited Edition, as well as a DLC Pass for multiplayer maps. Hit that link for the lowdown.