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Bitter quitters: PES 2013 update allows players to 'retire' at half time

A free PES 2013 update next month will add the ability for players to 'concede' online matches at half-time, finally providing an alternative for poor losers who love yanking out their Ethernet cables.

The new feature marks Konami's latest attempt at tackling the issue of players disconnecting from online servers in the middle of a match - but will it have much of an effect?


The firm's come down hard on 'quitters' in recent years, most recently creating a new rank system based on the number of games players complete in full, and then matching those who quit most with other quitters - and even banning them entirely from some competitions.

However the system's proven to be inconsistent across all PES games, and some players have reported having their own reputations downgraded when another player decides to scamper off with their tail between their legs.

The new system, set to be introduced alongside a host of other PES 2013 DLC features, will presumably still punish those who opt to end their misery at half-time, and maybe even avoid issues such as innocent players getting mistakenly downgraded in the process.