Resident Evil 6 PC release 'still some time away'

PC work didn't begin until after the console versions were complete

It will be some time before Capcom reveals a Resident Evil 6 PC release date.


According to Capcom senior vice president Christian Svensson, work on the PC version of the game didn't start until after the console editions were complete because Capcom wanted to get it right and avoid making the same mistakes it made with previous entries in the series.

"It is a small, but appropriately sized team working on the RE6 PC project," he said on Capcom Unity.

"It is a different group than originally planned, lest it would have taken even longer than it currently will but this team will do a better job than what was being considered originally.

"The process did not begin until after the console versions were complete, submitted, approved by console 1st parties to use that final codebase as the starting point," he explained.

"It will be some time still before we provide details on release dates and PC specific parameters. Projects like this you guys seem to think are 'trivial' but they are not. When they get treated as trivial, you end up with Resident Evil 4 PC... which I don't think too many true fans were pleased with."

Capcom has confirmed a Resident Evil 6 release date of October 2 on Xbox 360 and PS3. Microsoft has secured three timed exclusive Resident Evil 6 DLC game modes.

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