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Hitman Absolution: The 'Choose your own adventure' preview

Fans of Fighting Fantasy will be right at home...

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Moving back the way you came you find yourself facing the double doors to your south. There's a cabinet on the right hand side and you move closer to take a look. It's filled with medicines and bandages and painkillers, which could come in handy in a pinch. On the glass front you see the number '25' painted in vinyl and file the reference away in case you need it later.

A quick prowl around the small alleyway and the longer passage to the east uncovers more goodies: a gleaming chef's knife knocked from a stall and kicked into a dark corner, a canister of petrol sitting by a trash can, forgotten, and a collection of empty green bottles lined up in formation by the edge of a stall.

To pick up the knife - Go to 03
To pick up the canister - Go to 36
To pick up a bottle - Go to 12

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Page 26 of 59