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Hitman Absolution: The 'Choose your own adventure' preview

Fans of Fighting Fantasy will be right at home...

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Heading north to the top end of Chinatown you find yourself in a relatively quiet area. For the first time since stepping through the double doors you don't have people brushing past you from every direction. Ahead of you there's a Chinese lantern in a cage in the centre of the street, and to your right a small fruit cart sits unmanned. There's not much around, in truth, but the Lucky Ducky Dumplings store sits over to your left - your extraction point.

Northwards you spy an open manhole and a few tables, and to the east a passageway veers off past stalls and a construction site.

To scout your exit - Go to 16
To investigate the manhole - Go to 08
To head down the passageway - Go to 32

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Page 5 of 59