FIFA 13 review round-up - Early scores go live

All the review scores so far in one place...

Early FIFA 13 review scores have gone live, and according to the few verdicts online so far it's another successful year for the EA Sports franchise.

CVG's FIFA 13 review says of this year's football instalment:

"PES 2013 has stepped up to the plate this year, but FIFA 13 is still, just about, the best. EA are treading water before the next-gen push, but deceptively minor tweaks make major impacts, and persistent online modes are welcome."

See the early round-up below. We'll update as more scores hit.

  • CVG: 91 - "Despite not being a huge step forward, FIFA 13's gameplay's more organic and modes are plentiful. It eats, sleeps and breathes football, tying into the world game like nothing before. FIFA 13's less a videogame and more a season ticket."
  • Videogamer: 9/10 - "FIFA 13 is definitely an improvement on its predecessor. The additions from last year have been worked on and sit far more comfortably this time."
  • Eurogamer: 9/10 - "If you do go with FIFA 13, however, then you will find more ways to play it, all of them detailed and engaging, than ever before, and you will probably still be playing it when we're back here again in a year's time for the next instalment."
  • IGN: 9.0 - "If you're a big fan of the series in general, it's hard to think of a game that you'll enjoy more this year."