New Little King's Story dated for Australia

Continue King Corobo's adventure October 4

Konami has announced this morning that New Little King's Story, the sequel to the original Wii game, will arrive in Australia on the PS Vita October 4.


Little King's Story on the Wii was considered an undervalued game by many, but with the release of the sequel on the PS Vita, New Little King's Story should jump to the forefront of many gamer's minds.

As you assume the role of King Corobo, players must reclaim their kingdom from The Devil King, known as The Nightmare.

New Little King's Story takes complete advantage of the PS Vita's features with 3D visuals, touch controls - front and rear - and online components such as downloadable content, co-op and leaderboards.

Gamers in Australia and New Zealand can lead their Royal Guard against evil dark lords from October 4.