Scribblenauts Unlimited: Playing Frankenstein is better on Wii U

Airborne bacon bikes? It's all run of the mill

This article originally appeared in Nintendo Gamer magazine.

Playing God is not something mortals such as ourselves should do. There's a reason cows are as cows are, instead of purple and rocking fluffy tails. Trust us. So just why is Scribblenauts Unlimited designer Jeremiah Slaczka so eager to give us the keys to God's toolbox? We ingest far too much caffeine to wield divine power responsibly.


That's Scribblenauts Unlimited''s big improvement - a pair of God-defying twists that finally realise the series' potential. Twist one is Unlimited's open structure. Gone is the rigid level-by-level rigmarole of past games and in its place sit hub-like sandboxes full of troubled individuals. Providing omnipotent aid to collect Starites is still the aim, but going about it in less strict locales feels liberating.

We swiftly donned sunglasses... and made our exit via a flying motor-pig...

In our recent hands-on one moment stood out. Using the GamePad's Starite vision we found a hippy and a woodcutter squabbling over a tree. One wanted to save it, one wanted to harvest it - we could appease either to bring forth that five pronged medal. We don't compromise, however, so in lieu of gratifying both we hoisted out a flamethrower and torched the offending foliage. United at last in their hate for us we swiftly donned sunglasses and made our exit via flying motor-pig. No Starite, sure, but those watching the TV found it suitably entertaining.


And that airborne bacon bike brings us to the second big addition - create-a-word. Where Super Scribblenauts' addition of adjectives opened the game up to all sorts of gentlemanly abuse, Unlimited's object creation suite means nothing is safe from the monocle and 'tache treatment.


You're free to spawn and tinker with anything to such degrees that even Dr Frankenstein would balk at the God defying on offer. Dog headed guns that launch explosive puppies. Cat headed parrots that sound like car alarms. A tiny ride-on toaster that propels itself via a flame-spitting elephant's trunk. It feels less 'which square peg should I fit in this square hole' and more 'can I make a flamethrower to fit this square?' Throw in Mii-verse creation sharing and you'll always push for better - your ability to create is always on show.


So while playing God may still be 'wrong' and 'amoral', for a few more years anyway, Scribblenauts Unlimited will at least tide us and our purple cow experiments over with its safe, RSPCA approved toy box. We're thinking dog ears next...