PlayStation 'enjoying high interest from 360 owners'

Sony marketing boss eyes 'lapsed gamer' market

The PlayStation business has noticed "a very high interest rate from Xbox 360 consumers" wanting to purchase a second console, according to a marketing executive at Sony Computer Entertainment America.


Ahead of the release of the new 'super slim' PS3, hardware marketing exec John Koller believes the new system has a good chance of appealing to those who own an Xbox 360.

"We have seen a very high interest rate from Xbox 360 consumers wanting to purchase a second console," Koller told Gamespot.

It is not clear what data Koller has drawn his claims from. He said that the 'lapsed console owner' is a significant target market that emerges towards the end of a typical console cycle.

"We saw the same kind of thing happen in reverse during the PS2 years, when a lot of PS2 consumers said they wanted to get an Xbox because of Halo and some other games. So we think the strategy works and it's a good one."

In the US, Uncharted 3 will be bundled with some versions of the new hardware. Koller insists that the new model is value for money despite in some cases being more expensive than the previous.

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