Assassin's Creed 3: Monster 3-hour playthrough, new gameplay videos

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My bloody work done, I stroke a passing cat and head towards the tavern where Adams is waiting for the second part of the mission. Along the way I bribe a newspaper seller to decrease my notoriety (although I could have just ripped down a wanted poster), and wander through a farm that someone has set-up in the middle of the city. It's a bizarre experience, but historically sound, and I take the opportunity to pet a sheep and feed a pig, hoping that it balances my karma after murdering that deer at the start.


After arriving at the tavern, I'm told that Connor's village is being bought by a man called William Johnson who is making a killing smuggling tea past the blockade in the harbour. See, this Memory Sequence takes place around the Boston Tea Party - in fact, in a later mission, Connor boards a British boat and lobs a bunch of tea crates into the sea.

My task for now is to destroy several shipments of tea on the dock, which is done by picking up carelessly discarded barrels of gunpowder, placing them next to the tea, and blasting them with a pistol. This part of the mission lacks subtlety, but the next is more interesting.

Here, I need to track down couriers who are distributing the contraband tea throughout the city, which is easy enough, but a secondary objective of the mission - remaining under a notoriety level of two - proves tricky. In fact, one assassination leads to a bloodbath, and I achieve a notoriety of three, which means tougher Redcoats start tracking you down and it's tough to walk anywhere without conflict. After completing the mission, I spend a few minutes tearing down wanted posters and finding a herald to bribe. And feeding pigs.

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While searching for wanted posters, I spy a 'treasure' chest guarded by a barking dog. Pretty sure there's a non-violent way to access the chest, but time is precious, and I shoot the hound with an arrow to stop it yapping (and drawing attention to me). Opening the chest means a simple lock-picking mini-game using thumbsticks. It's easy, but time consuming - so it's tough to get locks open under pressure, quickly. Inside the chest? Recipes for various items that can be crafted using the materials you'll find throughout the game. My favourite was a recipe for 'a wig'.

The next mission, which I grab after returning to the inn again and telling Sam Adams that I'd destroyed all the tea, is my favourite of the day. Stephane Chapheau is back, and he's pissed off. The Redcoats have finally seized his shop on a trumped up 'non-payment of tax' charge, so he heads out on the town in a rage.

He taunts and attacks random groups of Redcoats, and it's up to Connor to protect him. I oblige, quietly pre-empting his rants and knifing guards in the back with my hidden blade as they walk towards him. A nice touch, I see random pedestrians cheering Chapheau on as he fights his oppressors, and some even wade in to kick the fallen bodies of the Redcoats.

At one point, I manage to incite even more chaos by encouraging a group of disgruntled Bostoners to riot. They shout and start fighting nearby guards, great if you're in need of a distraction. By now I've seen enough of Boston, and probably stroked all the cats in the city, so I fast travel to the New England countryside to do some manly hunting.

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Arriving in the countryside, I feel unprepared, so decide to trade in the coins and items I've collected in Boston for something substantial at a local shop. I buy Connor a natty Charlestown outfit, which has a pleasing red trim, and some extra arrows. There are so many things to buy and trade, it's intimidating, but now I feel ready to take on the wilderness.

Heading into the nearest woods Connor spots a clump of flowers and investigates them. They've been chewed by a hare, and after looking at them Connor is pointed towards his prey and given a rough estimate of how far away the animal is. I find the hare, shoot it, skin it. Ok, so hares aren't the biggest of beasts, but later in Assassin's Creed 3 tracking down larger animals will require more time and skill.

Whilst tracking another deer through the woods, I get a message asking if I want to loot a nearby Redcoat supply wagon. Figuring it would be rude not to, I head to the trees and quickly get into position above the road. As the wagon rumbles under me I leap onto the guards at the front, killing one with tomahawk and flowing quickly into an instant takedown of his buddy.

Before the Redcoats at the rear can react, I'm on them, and they're soon dead. In small pockets like this combat is almost too easy. The wagon brings in a nice haul of money (interestingly, the currency is £ sterling).

As I stand over the bodies of the wagon guards I spot a windmill in the distance, and feel a great urge to climb its rotating sails. Doing so looks great, but it's fiddly as gravity shifts when the sails turn. My slight disappointment is tempered by finding a feather on the roof of the windmill - annoying collectibles confirmed. This was one of five in the specific region I was in, but New England is split into all kinds of territories so expect to be hunting feathers for hours.

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