New Zealand Wii U pricing revealed

Looks like our Kiwi friends are getting a raw deal

Nintendo revealed the pricing for the Australian, European and US markets for the Wii U two weeks ago, and now it's New Zealand's turn, but something tells us they won't be happy.


The Wii U launches in Australia, New Zealand and across Europe November 30, while North America gets the console a little early on November 18.

The pricing revealed so far for the console seems fairly reasonable. The basic model, which comes in white with 8GB of built-in flash memory, a GamePad, HDMI cable and AC adapter, retails for AU$350, US$299 and £260. Meanwhile in New Zealand, the basic model will cost NZ$470.

The premium model which comes in black with 32GB of built-in memory, a GamePad, stand for console and GamePad, sensor bar, charging cradle for the GamePad, Nintendo Land, HDMI cable, AC adapter and Nintendo Network Premium Reward Program retails for AU$430, US$349 and £310. New Zealand's premium model is set to retail at NZ$570.

Nintendo have said that the pricing is due to exchange rates as of September 20, and suggest customers "refer to stores for best possible price."