Molyneux: Lack of new IP is ridiculous

Plus, industry icon claims that iPad could outmuscle next-gen consoles

British games design luminary Peter Molyneux believes that the traditional games industry has gradually turned 'lazy' and too dictated by console cycles.


The 22 Cans co-founder said the sector has "become so used to the console cycle, and in a way we've become lazy".

In an interview with GamesIndustry International, Molyneux said the key problem with reliance on the console cycle was the new IP drought that traditionally arrives towards the end of it.

"Two years ago, developers were going to publishers and saying we'd like to do this [new IP], and the publishers were saying, 'It's too late in the generation now.' The first time I heard that was about four years ago - it's ridiculous."

Molyneux's next project, called Curiosity, is in production for iOS and PC. It tasks players to chip away at a gigantic cube, one piece at a time, until nothing remains and the 'secret' at its core is revealed.

The Lionhead co-founder appears to be relishing the chance to create games for iOS devices, and believes that this line of products could supersede next generation hardware eventually.

"The hardware iteration of [the iPad] is every six months: not every six years, every six months," he said.

"If we're not careful - and in fact this is highly probable - by the time that this generation finally comes out, which will probably be in about 14 months time, this little puppy might well be more powerful than the new consoles.

"That's just mad. And then 6 months after that it'll be even more powerful."

The potential of CPU and GPU power in mobile devices has been subject of routine debate within the industry. More technologically-minded developers believe that the mobile battery power of devices like the iPad will always make them less capable than power-outlet-fed home systems.