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PopCap Dublin has closed, EA confirms

More than 90 people affected as studio shuts down

Casual games giant PopCap has closed its studio in Dublin, Ireland, the company has confirmed to CVG.


In a statement, the group said: "96 people have been affected by the decision. PopCap has provided outplacement support and many employees have offers in other parts of PopCap, at EA or new opportunities with technology partners in Ireland."

The studio has been active in Dublin for six years, and early in 2011 it housed about sixty employees, growing up by another 30 over the next twelve months.

A spokesperson for the studio said that Europe "remains a critical market for PopCap and we will continue to grow our presence through centralised services operated from our North American offices and through the extensive European EA network".

"Worldwide, PopCap is still growing, and intends to continue hiring and developing current staff. We will continue to invest in new games, platforms, and markets while we expand the reach of hit franchises like Bejeweled and Plants vs. Zombies."

The studio closure comes one week after EA announced it would be expanding its Customer Service Centre in the Irish city of Galway with plans to add 300 workers to its headcount of 400.

Last week, the publisher's second-in-command, Peter Moore, told CVG that it was "great to get some positive news considering we often get a lot of negative news about places closing down".

In July, management at PopCap revealed that about 50 jobs had been lost from the firm's Seattle office while an unspecified number was shaved from its Ireland operations.

The company claimed that it had entered an "exploratory consultation" to evaluate the fate of Dublin.