Borderlands 2 glitch robs Badass Tokens, Gearbox investigating

Token reset glitch affecting players on all three formats

A number of Borderlands 2 players have been hit by a glitch that resets their 'Badass Token' collection.


The error, which looks to be affecting players on PC, PS3 and 360, sees a player's Badass Token count returned to zero, but the challenges that were completed to earn them remain completely. This renders the player totally unable to recover lost tokens.

Even worse, upgrades purchased with the tokens are also going AWOL, according to complaints on the official forums (thanks Kotaku).

Gearbox community manager Chris Faylor has told fans that the developer is investigating the issue, which seems to be caused by corrupted save file data.

"Thanks for all the reports and specific details, folks. Our engineers are looking into this, and the information you've provided has proven to be a great resource while we investigate," said Faylor.

At the moment, it seems to be a fairly rare issue and we'll keep you updated on when we resolve it."

Borderlands 2 debuted at number one in the UK Charts figures released today, outpacing Codemaster's F1 2012 and Konami's PES 2013.

Below is a video of one player triggering the glitch.

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