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How quickly can you reach the Borderlands 2 level cap?

How's... 43 hours sound?

Speedruns are pretty fun to watch, and can be satisfying to achieve, but if you want to be the first to send one out into the YouTube wilderness you need some dedication. That's something Matt Siegfried has in spades.


Usually when you pick up a new game, you want to savor it. Not so much Siegfried - or Blitz, as he's known in the gaming world - who purchased Borderlands 2 at the stroke of midnight on launch day last week, and proceeded to blaze (or blitz) through it in order to reach the level cap in just 43 hours and 15 minutes.

So yeah, obviously the video below doesn't show the whole playthrough (he did stream it though) but it's worth checking out those final glorious minutes.

According to his YouTube channel Blitz and his partner "began playing 30 minutes after the midnight release [on] Monday night and reached level 50 at 7:45pm Wednesday. There were no major breaks during this process."

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Nice one.

Have you reached the level cap yet? How far are you in?